Grey label solutions

Looking to start your own brokerage but don’t know how? We have the perfect startup solution for you. Our Grey Label istailored for new entrepreneurs into the brokerage business. For most start-up brokers, cost and speed of setup are the key concerns and we are here to provide the solutions. Individuals and even firms can kick off their brokerage business within days at an affordable cost and yet able to meet the needs of their clients. We are committed in our services and provide the best tools to maximize your opportunity and earning potentials in today’s challenging and competitive markets.

Fast and Easy Setup

 Low Monthly Mainten ance

Customizable backend, spreads, margins, and etc.

On-Demand training and support

Submit your application

Fast approval within 24 hours.

Confirm Setup

Specify your setup needs and we will complete software backend to manage all accounts.

Go Live

Perform live trade to test and ensure all settings are correct.

Onboard Clients

Congrats you’re now a broker and can start growing your business!

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